Cannot add a cname for my subdomain

Hello!, I am trying to add a free SSL certificate to my subdomain ( but yet, after looking at the CNAME section of the Vista Panel, my domain isnt listed there, Only the master domain is (

How can I solve this? Thanks

They can not be maked on subdomains

So how could I make a free SSL certificate for my subdomain?

You cannot apply SSL certificate to subdomains.


Can I use the existing ssl of my website ( for the subdomain or no?

No, because that ssl certificate is only valid for and
It does not cover your subdomain.

You can get the SSL certificate on the subdomain, but the interface in the client area doesn’t show Record Name and Domain correctly.

If you select the top level domain in the CNAME domain, and then add your subdomain to the record name with a dot, you should be able to add the CNAME record. So you can add the CNAME records for and with the destination as shown in the client area.

I’ll write a bug report to fix this issue for subdomains.


Thank you Admin!:green_heart:

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