Cannot access website from mobile brower but works fine with Desktop or iphone safari

my website is

I had my website running fine for almost a year and then recent the website not be access on any of the mobile browsers. When tried in chrome in mobile this the error shown
“Your connection was interrupted
A network change was detected

I have just put “TEST” in Desktop, Phone, Tablet to check whats the error but can not figure out

please help me resolve the issue

Error Message

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No issue



Oh the desktop its working fine but cannot access it from the mobile browser

Have you tried using vpn on mobile?


Yes tried with VPN and without VPN still the same. Still cannot access it. Strange part is that it opens fine in iphone’s safari browser

Can anyone please check the issue with accessing the website from a mobile browser

For me it works fine on all browsers I’ve tried on my iPhone 12 mini:

Maybe it’s your connection that is giving those errors. Try connecting through a different network (like for example mobile data) or using a VPN.


Its being working fine on all the browser in iphone. Can some one please check if its working on android device browsers

Like I said, no issue


Clear your DNS cache. Your site is fineee

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Unstable internet connection.


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