Cannot access file manager or ftp


i have a new wordpress installation and I cannot connect to ftp or filemanager. Ther error messages so far have been:

The authentication operation operation timed out
FTP Connection to … failed

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Hi Please see other posts, currently i got in touch with InfinityFree’s Hosting provider and the ftp server is experiencing issues!

There’s a problem with the FTP server and we’re working on resolving this.

Hello @TurboTesla
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Yes you are correct. There’s issues with the FTP manager. We really understand your issue and it is under maintenance. Please understand

Thank you Ill check back, I thought it was me doing something wrong

No! Don’t worry, it should only take about 2 hours, but your website will still function!

Maybe it has nothing to do with maintenance. Or it’s a server hiccups.

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I got in contact with them;

Hi there,

There is a known issue with FTP/File manager, please allow a few hours for this to be resolved.

Thank you and stay safe !

Sorry i must have said that in a weird way, i just assume it will take a few hours

Few hours :expressionless:

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