Cannot access cpanel or file manager

However, I still cannot reach
Also, The Ftp failed.(I’m sure I copied the password instead of input it!)

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Why not? What do you see? The control panel itself is working.

You can also try to use instead.

FTP access is only enabled after logging in to the control panel for the first time. If you can’t connect to the control panel, FTP access is not enabled either.


I have been unable to connect to cpanel since first trying on 21/02/2023 ( refused to connect.) I also tried the alternative URI but no joy there either.

I saw a notice previously regarding various issues but I thought they were all resolved now?

There was another outage of many services a few minutes ago, but it looks to be cleared up already. Try using to bypass any bad cache or DNS settings on your device.


Yes, thank you. All back up now :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried many times, but I still failed.
The browser returned with “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”

It seems that the website it self is accessable, but the browser cannot reach it.


This is opera browser.


This is edge one.

Both of them returned ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

This failed too.

Could you please try connecting to the control panel over a VPN?

After the DDoS attack on the control panel last week, we moved traffic to a different network that allows us to have better DDoS protection. It’s possible that either our DDoS protection is blocking access to you, or something on your network is blocking access to our new network provider for the control panel.

Could you please also try making a traceroute from your own computer to (without a VPN) and share the results here? That may give us a better idea about where this block could be.


Is this correct?

Ip: Login to My Own Free Host
Web: Login to My Own Free Host (

By the way, The picture shows that Shanghai cannot be connected.

No. Traceroute is a system command that lets you analyze the path that network traffic takes to go from your computer to the destination system. It’s something you run from a command prompt or terminal, not from your web browser.

I found this article that explains how to do it in Windows.


emmm……I think I’ve used one.

VPN is very usefull, and now I can visit some sites that I can’t visit before.

But it didn’t work on this project.

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That may be. But I don’t see anything in the information you shared here that shows that you did, let alone what exactly the output was. And having the output of that command would be extremely useful to figure out exactly why you’re having this issue, so please do share the results there.