Cannot access Control panel

cannot access Control panel
(VP Login)
Error : This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
My website has also gone offline with the same error message

My account status is Active

I have already tried the following troubleshooting steps, but the error still exists:

  • Tried Clearing Browser Cache
  • Tried opening in Incognito
  • Tried using a different web browser
    -Tried accessing the site on a mobile device

No issue

As for

There is issue on Freenom right now


but my subdomain is still active and aessiable on the same freenom domain, my site is up since dec 22, I only lost access two days ago

Like I said, this is a Freenom issue.
What is the subdomain?

here :
on the cpanel page, can you test your loging credentials as i get the error after clicking on the redirect button also what browser/ device did this open on?

Working for me

Can you try this for login?

VPanel login

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the screenshot you sent was of my main site, what browser/device did you use? also were you able to see the travel website on the subdomain.
I tried the link you sent same issue: This site can’t be reached took too long to respond



Seems like this is an issue on your end.
Can you try using your mobile or vpn?


i was about to respond to you, that I just tried a vpn and was able to access the site, seems strange as i have no Domain blocking rules on my router or ISP, thanks for your quick replys though ill mark this solved.

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