Cannot Access Account

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: InfinityFree will not let me login or send a lost password email. I have changed the password (did not register the change in system.) I used the password on my manage screen. They did not work. I had the lost password screen send and email to the email I signed up with and nothing came. I checked my inbox and spam.

I’m using this software: InfinityFree Hosting.

Additional information: N/A

Um, is this current account an alternate one since you got locked out?

No, this is my first time using InfinityFree.

Addition to problem: cannot access Control Panel.

Well, you are already logged in to use the Vista panel and such. Find client area, and find your domain/account. Click the control panel button.

I did. It redirects to control panel and then says. “We are unable to log you in with the information you provided. Please check your username and password and try again 1.” (The “1” is not a typo on my part. Its on the page.)

You’ve tried

Yeah, that’s what I am doing to try to access control panel.

What does is the exact URL after clicking the control panel button? It should have something saying you are being redirected. Also, the URL should match your account number.

for about half a second it says “You are being redirected” then it takes me to VP Login

try copying the username. Then enter Login to your account - InfinityFree (Actually, this is probably a vurneribility.)

DO NOT USE THE PASSWORD RESET FUNCTIONALITY ON THE CONTROL PANEL. It will break your site, guaranteed. We would have disabled it if we could.

Instead, find your account username and password in the client area. If those don’t work, use the options in the client area to change the password of the hosting account. NEVER USE THE PASSWORD RESET FUNCTIONALITY ON THE CONTROL PANEL.


Yeah that pulls up a 404. " Not Found

The requested URL /epiz_25593004/login.php was not found on this server."

To be honest that would have been nice to know 30 minutes ago.

It should be without a php suffix. Wait, what you reset the password via VP?!

Same 404 error.

Like this: Login to your account - InfinityFree

You have saved the day. And to @Admin , My site is not broken! (So far. All I have tried to do is setup an SSL.)

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Wait. Is it bad that the Control Panel now says VistaPanel or is it that I just did not notice it?

Just wait. It will break your site. I promise that. It may not break it immediately. It may break it in a week, a month or a year. But it will break your site. Guaranteed.

The control panel was VistaPanel all along. But the branding loader doesn’t always work very well and sometimes shows the default logo and sometimes shows our logo.