Can You Help?

Hi, can you help me please? If I enter in my website URL it works. When I enter URL it does not work. I get Error 404 (Not Found)

Can you help me get this issue resolved? Thank you in advance for your time and help

Try using your domain manager to add a CNAME record for the www pointing to your site.

Hi john! Thank you for your reply. Can you please give me a little more details, which of the following 4 choices under DOMAINS do I need to choose?

  1. Addon Domains
  2. Sub Domains
  3. Aliases (Parked Domains)
  4. Redirects

Thank you again for your time and help in advance.

Sorry, I haven’t used the infinityfree DNS stuff. I prefer to manage it with the registrar for more control. I just had a quick look and they have a CNAME records option down under advanced.

Thank you so much john, you were very helpful! I managed to get the www to work under the CNAME records option.

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