Can you guys increase the inodes to 50,000?



Before moving to live production site, I want to test the PHP Script. But i am seeing my site is using a lot of inodes, is there any way you can increase the inodes to 50,000? That would be enough for me to test and find any bugs on my site. I dont intend to use free hosting for production, i want to use it for test mode. Please increase my quota. If my site works i will move ifast premium web hosting. Please help this small web developer here. I cam always buy hosting, but how can i be sure that my site works so i need you guys to consider increasing quota limit.

A small Web Dev.

Inodes on free hosting is set to 30000 for a reason


This is free hosting! Your needs are not always to be reached.

Your welcome to use our hosting for that, but… wouldn’t that kind of testing be easier on a local development system like XAMPP?

Like we say on the home page of our website: InfinityFree hosting is not a demo for iFastNet’s premium hosting.

If you have a big site that needs premium hosting, then you need to get premium hosting.

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My PC Doesnt have enough Ram to Run a litteral server. I need 50,000 inodes for a week. That would be enough. I really appreciate you guys hard work gicing out free web hosting. I know this is really tough for you guys. I know afterall you guys have to pay for the hosting.

About the RAM problem on my PC and Storage Issue. I have a group of friends who will test the site and write a report, after fixing all of that. I will buy a premium one. Like I am aware of the fact that free is not meant for Business.

And Thank you for all of the love and Hard Work for rolling out free web hosting for over 10 years. I mean that’s a lot. I am also aware of the fact that you guys put inode limits to balance the server.

Please increase my inodes quota to 50,000 for a week. It would mean a lot to me. :heart::heart:

InfinityFree cannot increase the inodes on your account, they don’t control that setting. Since you only need it for a week, and Premium hosting is only about $4 a month, I don’t think $4 is that big on an investment.


Mhm interesting because I have a laptop (not a gaming one) has 4GB RAM and I can run a localhost with XAMPP.

Its not like everyone has 4 GB Ram you know. Have some basic sense.

This requires 1GB RAM


Well what if your on a something besides a computer with windows? I don’t think you can run xampp on chrome os.

Then just pay the $4 for premium. It is not that expensive at all, and you get a ticketed support system.


You can host a website on an entry level computer. Almost anything sold in the last 10 years for at least $100 can do this.

One month of premium hosting is only $4. And iFastNet even has a 7 day money back guarantee period. Other hosting providers have up to 30 days money back guaranteed. But it’s a bit dishonest to sign up with a service you intend to cancel beforehand, and you still need to pre-pay for the first term.

It really takes very little to do what you need.

The only thing we cannot do is custom plans on free hosting. A free hosting account is a free hosting accounts, and almost all of the limits are fixed. No amount of begging or making pleas can give you extras because it’s impossible for us to provide that.

Can’t you? You can run Linux apps on Chrome OS, which means you can run a Linux web server too.

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