Can You Get More Hits?

My Websites Got Hit Limited And It’s Pretty Annoying Is There A Way To Get More Hits Without Useing iFastNet And Still InfinityFree? Im Happy To Pay For More Hits.

In short: there isn’t. You’ll either have to upgrade to premium hosting, or find a way to keep your hits under the limit.


Then you should switch to iFastNet’s premium hosting. Then you don’t just get more hits on a free hosting account, but a real premium hosting account with all the benefits you can expect from it.

InfinityFree doesn’t provide paid services.

Why don’t you want to upgrade to iFastNet instead? It seems like the best option to me.


If you ready to pay then ifastnet is ready to serve you not only hits but moreeee!!
Simply upgrade your account to premium hosting!

is there a way to transfer installations and data easily or do I have to do it manually?
also does the interface look similar?

Premium hosting uses actual cPanel, so the interface is a bit different, but it has all the same functions, and more.

As for transfer, you can do it manually or as premium support to do it for you.


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