Can you check my domain

Hi, I have one question, can you check my domain I did send the company that I purchase name server and 2, I get the message from them that one of names isn’t respondign should I send them one of these?

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I’d be happy to check your domain, but then I do need to know which domain name is yours.

The and nameservers are the same. If one set doesn’t work, then the other set likely won’t work either. If your domain registrar is returning an error, can you please share the full error message exactly as it’s shown to you? It may contain specific details which your interpretation of the message doesn’t.

Sorry, I tought that the forum is open for everyone to comment and not to make new forum topics,my bad!

My domain name is This is my first time doing like this on my own, the hosting that I had and people that are in charge of maintain do all the work for you, so I wanted to check if everything is ok.
72 hours is due by tomorrow in my country (since I’m in Serbia) around 10 o’clock.

I want to park my domain on cpanel but the message is this:

I company that I have domain after setting the server names send me this link:
Just to let me know that there is some kind of error.

I just checked your account and it looks like the domain is already assigned to the account. Does that mean the issue is resolved?

Yes, everything is all right nd site is working perfectly. Thank you. :blush:

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