Can We Use Free SSL On Infinity Free?

Hello guys, thanks for your time

i have read other topic similar to free ssl

i have domain that dont have ssl
and i saw that infinityfree hosting comes with free ssl

  1. what is the different ?
  2. can i use the infinity free ssl instead ?
  3. what is ?

thankyou guys

The difference between our certificate (that is self-signed) and other SSL providers’ signed certificates, are that our ones aren’t trusted in many browsers, and others can be supported from browsers. If you want to install a SSL certificate if you own one, you can do that by following these steps, or use Cloudflare.

If you trust security, then I recommend installing a SSL certificate, instead of using our self-signed one.

Cloudflare is a CDN, security and protection layer for your website, that also offers SSL certificates installed on their network for free.


thanks buddy, appreciate it

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