Can we have the power to change the PHP version?

The server is using PHP 8.2 now. But there are a lot of websites that are using the older PHP version, and those sites can not run on PHP 8.x
So all those websites are now unable to work and there is no way to fix it unless we change the PHP version.
So can we please have permission to change the PHP version again plzzzz??

Not possible. If you need that, get premium hosting


No, unfortunately maintaining installations of separate PHP versions costs more money, and is just simply infeasible on free hosting. It’s also unsecure unless a solution like Hardened PHP is implemented, but that also isn’t feasible for free hosting. If you upgrade to Premium Hosting however, you’ll have access to a PHP version selector, which uses Hardened PHP. Do note however that if a CMS is old enough to be built on an outdated/obsolete version of PHP, than it likely has security vulnerabilities of its own. Updating your software to something more recent when you can is better in the long run.


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