Can’t edit website

Website URL

My site is . I cannot seem to edit it in elementor . It seems to be frozen and constant reloading? I tried it on other computers and have same problem . Please advise ?
(please specify the URL of the site on which you are experiencing the problem)


Works fine for me

However,it seems that the elementor is an outside website,so this might help:
Ensuring only web browsers can access your website
Edit through the built in site builder instead.


Elementor does not work well on free hosting.
Avoid it if you can


Yeah this is just a template so none of it is mine ha
so I want to change it completely but can’t . Very frustrating !

I did not know that. Shall I go back to the standard one on WP?

Like what I said,you should edit the site with the WP built-in editor.There shouldn’t be any problems more.


Ok thank you will try that instead.

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