Can someone please explain why this keeps happening?

Hello there! when i don’t open my main website page for a bit the whole page seems to just break.
the first image shows the home page of my website when i open it after a while. the second image is a image file in my website that gives me an error before opening it. how can i stop my website from breaking like that? and why does it do that in the first place? also, just to make the website function again i have to open all the image files then delete my browser cache.

Hello there,

Please refer to this Knowledge Base article:


heres the thing though, i don’t have any .php files in my website.

All of the pages on your site seam to be working for me just fine without any issues. You can go to the control panel and see if there are any errors about usage. Maybe try testing your site on a cellular device on cellular data while browsing in an Private tab to see it it works for you?
Let me know if you see something in the control panel.

yeah, they work just fine once i first load it up and load all the images and then clear my cache it would work fine. but if i dont do that it looks just like that picture i took

Clear your CF cache.




test (see red) WebPageTest Test - WebPageTest Details

508 Loop Detected

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 508 Loop Detected response status code may be given in the context of the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) protocol.

It indicates that the server terminated an operation because it encountered an infinite loop while processing a request with “Depth: infinity”. This status indicates that the entire operation failed.

I think the reason is:
you’re unnecessarily putting up a bunch of bootstrap related stuff

and then some JS pulls from a .map file a bunch of .scss

and I believe this generates a lot of REQ in a short time and the server throws out 508
which you then see as an apache process problem
(my guess - several of the same requests requested )

And definitely make purge everything on CF cache section


ohhhhh ok! Sorry for my late response, i was pretty busy. may i ask what i should remove/change to fix this issue?

I have no idea what serves these files that have a PATH that doesn’t exist

whether some worker on CF or cache or application on CF…
or something in your code - you should know what you did.



this one is OK as opposed to the one above

why do you use bootstrap?
to have a mobile-friendly website?
then you need a bootstrap grid (css only) that contains size rules

bootstrap.css should contain all the CSS you need to use Bootstrap in your project.

The files bootstrap-reboot.css and bootstrap-grid.css are cut-down versions containing just the necessary styles for reboot and Bootstrap’s flexbox grid respectively. They are to be used if you don’t want to include the entirety of Bootstrap in your project and will only be making use of either of these features.

So you don’t need a bunch of files here


JS ?

even when I block some “unnecessary JS”
like this one used only if you have a popup dialog, changes to the buttons, etc. (read the manual)
everything on your page is the same. so I guess you don’t even need it

You have too many fonts and too many sizes

while when I disable elyts.css
most of your text is almost imperceptibly different


text in the menu (left) uses another font

so you almost don’t even need to call open+sans

because it wastes your traffic unnecessarily (for the title and one sentence)
and then that font pulls a few more CSS from Google for Cyrillic, etc.
But all the text of your website is Latin.

but well these are now more conversations about optimization :slight_smile:

In short - I have no idea where all those SCSS files came from


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