Can someone help me

Can someone help me?
Signed up yesterday

Username: epiz_30997915
Password: (can be found in your client area)
Label: Website for
Domain: []
I uploaded some html files and css files

I don’t understand what URL (full link) a third person would type to see it?
I realize this is a Newby question but please help.


If you have your domain (we’ll use as an example), and you’ve uploaded a file (we’ll use file.html as an example), then all you have to do is navigate your browser to

Maybe you will also benefit from this:




I’m a Newby still not working

So far a joined InfinityFree and setup a domain of

epiz_30997915 (Website

I then uploaded some files

and if I go into the InfinityFree File Manager I can see them

(It has been over 72 hours so that DNS thing should not be a problem)

I go outside of Infinityfree to MS Edge and I type in various things including

And I see a site that says

Pay PerClick Adver

Dating American Singles

Build Your Own Mobile App

Any Ideas of wher I’m going wrong?

You may need to clear your cache.

Thank you for your response.

I tried that. I Flushed the Cache (windows 10) get message back that it ws successful

but it still does same thing.

WHere are you uploading the files?? Make sure to upload in the /htdocs folder.

Yes I uploaded to htdocs folder using Filezilla. In the InfinityFree filemanager I can see the files I uploaded, and can go up and down the directory path.

Thanks to all that have replied, but so far nothing seems to be working.


I see the parking page (What you referenced before). There was a similar issue before, so I don’t think you are alone in this.

Can you try removing the domain from the control panel, and adding it back again? This will force a refresh in the system.

Let me know if it works!


Thanks for Reply

I’m looking at control panel, but how do I remove a domain?

Can I just add a domain and give it a different name the CHH?

You should find it under “Subdomains”, “Addon Domains”, or “Parked Domains”. Just click the red “Delete” button once you find it. After you delete it, logout and close your browser, then re-open the control panel and add it back in using the “Subdomains” section.

Let me know if you need any help!

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Thanks to Greenreader9 and the others who replied. I created a different domain and I uploaded,
Something interesting, It worked after I flushed the DSN cache.
However when I tried it the next day, it was back to where it was before.
I again flushed the cache and it worked.
The same thing happened the next day.


to review
I set up a web site, but when I tried to go there in explorer I got sent to a different site

Someone suggested that I clear my DSN cache which I did

At first this worked but the next day it was sending to the first site again

Clearing the cache worked again.

Now its the 4th day, it’s not working AND now clearing the cache doesn’t work anymore

Oh well I think I’ll try a different site.

I’m a bit lost on the current status of the issue.

Looking at your site, I see the “Let’s Make Something Awesome” page. That means your domain and account are working, but no index file is present in the htdocs folder.

I do see you have some pages uploaded to a subdirectory. If I open , I see a page that says “Computer Heroes”.

Note that this is different from the URL that your shared, because you wrote horses instead of Horses. But our servers, like almost all web hosting servers, are case sensitive, so the difference matters.


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