Can not install script

Getting this warning

An unspecified error occurred

What script is it?
We can’t help unless you mention it.

And this category is only for chit chat not support!


Bought the script?


A friend of mine shared it with me

Can you tell your friend to provide a censored copy of the license?{For verification}


This is what I got when installing


Did you? If there’s no verified license for that then we cannot help you because you’re breaking ToS.


It’s quite hard to fix an error which is “unspecified”.

Also some limitations to using BeMusic:

  • We don’t allow pirated/cracked/nulled software.
  • We don’t allow file/media sharing sites. So a music streaming site is only allowed if the music files themselves don’t touch our server.
  • The software of this developer has a reputation of not working here because of a distinct lack of understand about how PHP works.

And finally, please don’t show your password on a public forum.


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