Can not delete self-signed ssl certificate for free account through SSL/TLS Configure panel

Hello everyone,
When I tried to make a self-signed SSL Certificate for my website, it was working. The problem is that I paid a new SSL Certificate and I want to use it on my website now. But, I can’t delete the self-signed certificate through the SSL/TLS Configure. I have a free account on Infinityfree. Can someone tell me if it’s impossible to delete this self-signed certificate ?

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You can only have one active certificate - and this means that the old is simply replaced by the new
so there is no deletion, but you install a new certificate


Thank you very much. I know perfectly how to install a SSL Cerificate, but how can I remove a certificate that is already installed for my website ?

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I answered that question above
every time you install a certificate, it replaces the old one (no deletion)


Look at this, there are two certificates for the same website, and the self-signed is used as default. So, can’t I change that ?

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it’s just a list of requested certificates
and not a list of ACTIVE certificates

I repeat, only one can be active

FIX = install/reinstall the one you bought > so that it is the last one installed = active


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