Can my website serve more than 1000 users a day

Can my website handle a lot of requests from users because my site wants to be used as a data information center at my school, of course visitor traffic will be much more than before

I am afraid that my account will be suspended later because of that

Nobody can tell you exactly how many users your site can handle.

We track and restrict metrics which affect server performance. These are things like hits and PHP usage. We don’t care about business/user/analytics type of metrics. Why? Because we care about people not overloading servers, and business metrics don’t tell that.

There are a lot of variables to determine how many users your site can have, like:

  • What software is running on your website and how is it set up?
  • How many and which pages do these users check per visit?
  • How often and how long do your users visit your website?

Don’t bother trying to answer those questions though. The only way to tell how many users your site can handle is to just open it up to your visitors and watch your account statistics.


Will the load on the server be light if I use Cloudflare, does it have an effect?

Again, it depends. Cloudflare can help reduce the hits usage of your site by caching images, scripts and stylesheets (if set up correctly), but won’t affect PHP usage at all.

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