Can my account be unsuspended?

my website is suspended for cpu limit
I just made it and next to 0 people have gone to it
so why did this happen and how can i do somthing about it?
im trying to make the site perfect so i can sell things


Welcome to infinityfree forum.

If you are using WordPress maybe your plugins or other assets are using too many resources when you are visiting your own site or someone visiting your site…

Wait for 24 hrs, after 24hrs your account will be reactivated.

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Wait 24h and your website will return online

You can follow the steps in this tutorial:Asset Cleanup and other tips to reduce CPU load

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I took a look at the account statistics / resource usage for your account. Yesterday, there is an increase in all metrics: hits, CPU, RAM, IO and EP. So it seems very likely to me that this CPU usage was actually caused by activity on your website.

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