Can login FTP but unable to get listi

Hi, I am able to connect/login successfully to my account via FTP but getting timeouts when listing the files. this is happening via filezilla and windows command prompt

not sure what or if i missed something to prevent this from happening

please help

The PORT command at the bottom, and the lack of a PASV command tells me that you have configured FileZilla to connect in “active” mode. The fact that the PORT command is followed by a private IP address tells me that you are behind NAT, so using active FTP does not work.

Please configure FileZilla to use Passive FTP instead. Passive mode is almost always the mode you should use.


thanks so much, my filezilla is configured to use default mode. by changing to passive mode, i can now see my files



but the problem now is that when i try to explore (click htdocs), i am always stuck at the root directory and seems to encounter again the timeout


I don’t know what you configured exactly, but the PORT command in that second screenshot suggest that you’re still using Active FTP.

FileZilla should default to Passive mode.


hmm i dont know why. but this is how it is configured right now


In the File → Settings → Connection → FTP menu is also a “Transfer Mode” setting. That should be set to “Passive (recommended)” by default. Is that also the case for you?


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