Can InfinityFree Accommodate Astro Web Framework for Your Website?

Hello InfinityFree team, I hope this message finds you well. I’m currently exploring web hosting options for my website built on the Astro web framework. Could you please let me know if InfinityFree supports hosting websites developed using Astro? Thank you for your assistance!


Free hosting do not come with node.js, unless it is on the client side
There is no CLI on free hosting as well


From what I can tell from the Astro documentation, you can run an Astro site either as a fully static site, or with Server Side Rendering, which lets you use more dynamic/stateful functionality.

If you site only uses the static functionality, you can host the site pretty much anywhere where you can upload your own website files, including our hosting. You will have to generate the HTML somewhere else yourself (either on your own computer or some CI pipeline) and upload the generated pages over FTP.

Server Side Rendering on the other hand requires Node.js code to be executed on the server, and we don’t have Node.js support on our hosting. So you won’t be able to host that with us.


If I upgrade to the SUPER PREMIUM hosting plan, would I be able to run Astro for my website, considering it requires Node.js support?


While the Super Premium plan does include Node.js functionality, it still doesn’t include SSH access or a CLI. It might still be easiest to render your Astro site offline and run it as a static site if possible. Are you doing anything with your site that requires it to be rendered server-side?


Just to be clear: if you don’t need the Server Side Rendering functionality of Astro, you can run your site right here.

The only thing you need to host your site here is to have somewhere to build it. You can do that on your own computer, or on a third party build platform like GitHub Actions or GitLab CI. If you look at the deployment instructions from Astro, either the hosting they are using has a build platform built-in, or they are integrating something else.

Premium hosting does have cPanel’s Git integration, which you can use to have cPanel automatically pull the Git repository with your code, and run deployment commands on it. You may be able to use this to build the frontend code there.

If you do need the Server Side Rendering functionality, then premium hosting should be able to host it. But it should be noted the premium hosting runs Node.js with Phusion Passenger, which may not support every Node.js setup.

If you want to know for sure, you may want to contact iFastNet about this. We don’t provide the premium hosting, they do.


Thank you for the information.

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