Can I use SSL for my free sub-domain on free hosting account?

Can I use SSL on free hosting anymore? I am using domain. I have watched both tutorials made by Infinityfree about SSL certificate installation. But I don’t see the CNAME Record option in the Advance section anymore to verify the domain.

I also tried to use the WordPress plugin. But it didn’t work because the plugin was unable to verify the file in .well-known/acme-challenge


Can I use SSL on free hosting anymore? I

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How do I do it? Please enlighten me.

Please read


That’s what I am talking about. There is no CNAME Record option anymore.

Try this?

You can also access from the client area


Thank you for the link. But I have already fixed it. I don’t know where you found this link in cPanel. If you post an image then we will be grateful.

For those who are facing the same problem:
Generate a SSL certificate, then you will see an option there to add CNAME Record. Click on it, it will automatically add it. Then follow the steps. Also, choose ZeroSSL because it works on sub domains.

The tutorial Infinityfree provided is backdated.

The SSL manager in the client area can setup the CNAME record for you. No need to do it manually.

If it does say you should set it manually, please carefully check the domain you’ve entered, because most of the time it means you’ve requested an SSL certificate for the wrong domain name.

That’s a bug, thanks for sharing. A fix is underway for it.


Please don’t. If you’re not sure which provider to choose, don’t choose any, and just go for the Recommended option. Because the Recommended option is recommended for a reason.

ZeroSSL works for subdomains, yes, but is also quite slow and unreliable. Google Trust works a lot more reliably, so that’s our recommended option for subdomains.


Thank you for the advice admin <3