Can I use Python here?

Can I use Python here?
How can I use?

Only PHP and MySQL supported here. No Python



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I once came across a python interpreter written in php for use on webhosting, ive just searched google for it but got the usual load of garbage results from their idiotic ai bs

its out there somewhere, maybe you’ll have better luck finding it

While that sounds like a fun experiment, I can’t imagine that it would work well in practice.

If you want to host Python, then you should look for a provider that offers Python hosting, or provides a language agnostic system where you can install Python (like a VPS provider, or maybe something that supports Docker containers).

If you want to host a website here, you should write it in PHP.

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i think this was it ??? might not be,was a while ago
if you want to experiment, might get the site suspended for server overload ?

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