Can I use or request a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate on a free site?

I’m setting up an InfiniteFree site with free subdomain (a subdomain).

I didn’t add any actual content yet, just an empty placeholder page for now. But I’m wondering if it’s possible to enable SSL i.e. https on here?

When I go to the “Free SSL certificates” tab, it seems I can only choose Let’s Encrypt SSL for my own (sub)domains, i.e. domains that I own myself. Not for free subdomains.

When I choose ‘Subdomain’ I can specify my subdomain name and choose from the list, but in that case it only offers to purchase a GoGetSSL certificate, not Let’s Encrypt.

Is it supposed to be impossible, or am I doing something wrong?

Welcome, free subdomain can only use GoGetSSL certificate

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OK I see. Too bad, would be nice to have Let’s Encrypt certificates.

Anyway thanks for clearing that up!

We make it actually impossible because in reality it’s practically impossible.

Let’s Encrypt will not issue more than 50 certificates per register domain per week. So they won’t issue more than 50 certificate for all subdomains of,, etc.

Given that most of the domains we use have tens or hundreds of thousands of subdomains, 50 certificates is nowhere near enough to provide certificates to anyone who wants them.

GoGetSSL doesn’t have limits like that. So that’s why we do allow GoGetSSL for subdomains but not Let’s Encrypt.

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