Can i use my site database as internet of things iot database?

Can the paid service handle the huge traffic caused by iot devices?
How can i know how much trafic my account can handle?
Thank you

While it may be able to handle it, it probably won’t work:

`Ensuring only web browsers can access your website

Sorry @moheiAldeen, I did not see your mention to premium hosting.

Of course the answer depends on the number of requests, how much work the server has to do per request, and what premium plan you choose.

Without more information, I cannot give you a definite answer.


There is only one way to know for sure: set up your website on the account, send traffic to it and see how much you can throw at it before it breaks. Everything else is just a guess.

If you want us to make a guess for you, can you tell us a bit more about your project? What does it do? How many messages do the IOT devices send? And what kind of processing is being done on those messages on the site?


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