Can i use infinityfree control panel for my own business?

Hey all recently I saw infinityfree user panel . Currently, I have a small hosting business im using Cpanel and blesta. But I really like infinityfree client aria view is there any way to use their panel for my own business?

The InfinityFree Panel is closed source and you will never get access to the source. However, I can recommend you to some other software developed by the community.

But, this is the InfinityFree forum, so I suggest you take your query to the iFastNet forums.


Thanks for your suggestion man ~

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InfinityFree’s client area is coded exclusively for InfinityFree.

However, it uses a free and open source template called Tabler, which can be found here:

Premium dashboard template with responsive and high quality UI - Tabler UI Kit

You said that you were using Blesta, do I don’t think that you would be able to implement Tabler into it (You might, depending on how much customization Blesta allows, although most likely you would have to code it in and make it compatible with Blesta.)

The only other solution if you want to use the template is to create an entire billing system. Which I would not recommend, just stick to Blesta, it is secure and one of the best billing systems.

That will not help much, @YoKina said that they run a hosting business with cPanel and Blesta, they never mentioned that they were a MyOwnFreeHost reseller.

It might be possible to turn that into a whole billing system compatible with cPanel, but it’s best to just stick with Blesta for reasons I mentioned above.

But he asked a question related to InfinityFree not iFastNet, why would he need to do that?


I thought that because OP was asking the question here, that they were either already a MOFH reseller or planning to become a MOFH reseller. My bad!

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