Can i use InfinityFree as url shortener?

Can i use InfinityFree as url shortener?
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You can

But if you really wanted to try

You can register a subdomain.
And then create a index.html page than
use the following javascript:

window.location.href = "your url";

Or you can also use a php script
but before using a php script change the index.html to index.php

<?php header("location: your url") ?>


We, InfinityFree, don’t have an issue with URL shorteners. However, iFastNet, who manage the infrastructure and review account suspensions, don’t approve of URL shorteners so much, and may not allow you to host them.

So, in general, you can try to host them under the following conditions:

  • Take good precautions to prevent spam. That could mean only letting manually approved users create links, or at least implement captchas, bad word filters, blacklist checks and other safety measures. Spammers love URL shorteners to abuse the domains of others to hide their scam links. And we’ll hold you responsible if they do. Meaning you’ll lose your account.
  • Use software you have the right to use. Another reason why URL shorteners are frequently suspended is because they use pirated software to run the site. We don’t tolerate pirated software for any purpose. So use FOSS software or cough up for a license.

Just don’t complain if your account does get suspended and is not reactivated, especially if you’re not doing the things I listed above.


Sorry I missread it as Can I use urlshortner for InfinityFree websites.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

No mate, This happened to me back then. I got banned while I’m still uploading the files. Advanced mag-isip si iFastNet.


What hosting provider are you using?

Infinityfree hosting, ofcourse mate.

When did you get banned?

Last 1 week and a few days for sure. You will get banned for sure. It’s iFastNet fault, not Infinityfree.

I think that is true because the terms and services contain the words “redirecting to any content or copyright files hosted on a 3rd party resource / servers”
Because the url shortener redirects to the destination url

Yes, so be careful. We’re sorry for that and thank you for reading Infinityfree Terms and Services!.



I got banned and I receive a message that I’m using URL shortening script that I get from codecanyon.


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