Can I use free "site search functionality" in my web page?

My web page contains lots of sub different pages and google search console could not successfully indexed and crawled my page. So I decided to use third party support for free search functionality.
Can I use free find/search tools (i.e index my website and add a searchbox tools) in my free website? For instance tool provided by Is there any restriction(about the server safety etc. maybe?) about these sites?

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No, we don’t have any particular restrictions for third party search platforms.

But whatever crawling problems you are having with Google may affect other sites as well. I’d still try to make Google site search work.

And you have to consider that adding third party code to your site does introduce a security risk. Some may promise “free great services” and then use their code snippet on your site to add ads and malware to your users.


Oh ! It sounds like a potential future problems… :face_with_diagonal_mouth: and clearly validates my worries.


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