Can I use Cloudflare dns proxy on my infinityfree hosting site?

Can I use cloudflare dns proxy settings to get protect and https only redirect for my infinityfree hosting site?
Because someone infinityfree suspended website for proxy but they did not understand is it cloudflare proxy or other . After many requests they will recover hosting …sometimes not.

So I want to know is infinityfree supports cloudflare dns proxy or not.
Please help me. Otherwise my site will not automatically redirect from http to https

It depends, provide domain name for a start

Likely due to this

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is it ok to use this cloudflare dns proxy to protect and https redirect for my infinityfree hosted domain?


Looks ok


Also, @AvikMitra. I wont mind reporting your website to the Govt. Of India as it misleads people from the actual official govt. telecommunications website. Also, very much copied. Not sure what rights you have to do so.


nothing is illigal on this website sir! i’m just testing it isn it working or not. because i am a new user of this community.

and already i mentioned thst tis not anreal website on notice and notification section at this time

Testing huh? You are illegally using the Govt. Of India’s website code to test? That answer doesn’t make sense.

Ah, no such notice fyi.

if you click on what’s new section you will found that its a demo website not real one and we do not working any illegal activity using this website.that’s why this website is not listed on google or any other search engine so please don’t create panic .
and Thanks for your advice.

Oh well, I wont create panic. But I do have the right to report since I really can’t find the notice part.

You should put a banner with the demo notice. The demo text on another big link doesn’t make sense either. Anyway, I’ve reported it yesterday itself to the .in registry

ok i will do it now. thanks for your support.

done sir, Find it at the bottom of this website. and thanks for your support and co-operation

Send an screenshot? I can’t see it still :frowning:

deactivated now from my side I think you are happy now!

Actually, it’s not me to be happy. NVM, I replied to the mail and let them know that it was fixed.

ok thanks.

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