Can I use clipbucket?

Hello, I know that Video Sharing is not allowed in Free Hosting.
But ClipBucket is there in Softaculous. Can I install that In free hosting?

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Still cant.

Video sharing sites are not allowed even tho it is available in Softaculous.


No and sorry but you can’t because InfinityFree doesn’t intend that you use video hosting but there is a solution, you can use which is the premiun hosting of InfinityFree in which you can do video hosting and have a free domain .pw, .biz and more

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I answered but thanks!

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Actually… you can’t host video hosting sites on premium hosting either, as far as I know.


Oh, I see…

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You can use JW Player because JW Player provides a video hosting, video player, and JW Player has a free plan (Storage 25GB) plus! easy to embed, easy to share, customizable player, even has quality selector and playback speed just like youtube

what’s your point of posting it here?

premium hosting is kinda supposed to fix this

A $5 per month hosting account doesn’t entitle you to hosting dozens or hundreds of GB (or even more) of video content and distribute it to a large number of users. Video hosting is really expensive. iFastNet’s premium hosting is not expensive. Therefore, premium hosting is not enough for a video hosting site.


Video sharing websites i think are against ifastnets guidelines, even if you get it installed, it won’t work because the maximum file upload size is 10mb clipbucket requires an upload size minimum of 50mb.

Maybe you can use some cdn or other cloud storage to host video files and use hosting to host just script and using url to add video instead of uploading it to the server.
Just an alternative way i can suggest.

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