Can i transfer entire website to a different hosting providers during suspension

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account suspension

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No, unless you upgrade to premium hosting


wow, so they intentionally suspend the free account for you to move to premium hosting.

thank you.

Or just wait for the reactivation, you don’t have to upgrade.


will do that, thank you.

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You can’t access the files while it’s suspended?

No, we intentionally lock down access to accounts during suspension to contain harm done by the site. If you do bad stuff, we don’t want to give you the tools to immediately backup the content, remove the domain and continue your abuse on another account. That’s not the intent behind a suspension.

I do acknowledge that this is more applicable for an actually malicious site and not for a site that exceeded the daily limits, but our system currently doesn’t have multiple “severities” for the suspensions.


my website has been suspended, can you help me get my files.

Unfortunately, You’ll have to wait 24 hours before getting your files back :frowning:


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