Can I set up 2 sites in the same domain?

Usuario: Oscar Luque

Cuenta: [email protected]

Puedo montar 2 sites en el mismo dominio, uno realizado con Wordpress y otro realizado con html5+css3?


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  2. Please provide a domain or username, not your personal information.

  3. Can you explain what you want to do? Addon or Parked Domains may be what you are looking for (You can find them in the control panel)

Can I set up 2 sites in the same domain, one made with Wordpress and the other made with html5 + css3?


What do you mean? Like a WP site in domain.tld/hello and your HTML site in domain.tld/html??? I don’t know what you want to do.

If you mean in the same account, yes, you can create as much websites as you like.


Do you mean something like and then A subdomain?

Or what Greenreader9 meant when he said Community Directory and

For both of those, the answer is yes, you can create unlimited subdomains / addon domains, and as @alexvf said you can have as many “websites” as you want in a single account.

But, be aware that they all share the same resouces, you can work around this by creating another account, there are 3 accounts allowed per person.


To clarify, the idea is that I make my portfolio in wordpress, I would do this with a xxxx domain, and to say my resume in html5 and css3, it can be in a sobdiminio, this with the objective of demonstrating the knowledge in the different tools.


My idea is to make my portfolio with wordpress and assemble it in a domain and my resume in html5 and css, it can be in another domain, the objective is to demonstrate knowledge in the different tools, would this be a good idea?
Thank you

U can’t use the same domain at the same time you can try adding subdomains like and your main Wordpress website is

U can have your static site be in domain.tld/portfolio and your WP site be in domain.tld/Wordpress

Also, please don’t create multiple replies that say the same thing.

You can do subdomains, addon domains, dictionaries, to create multiple websites.

To answer the question, Yes.


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