Can i run forum website?

Hello i am using infinityfree since 1 year i need some help. can i run a forum website on infinityfree. My website will be a disscussion board related to cybersecurity. can i do it

Hi and welcome to the forum

Yes, as long as you respect TOS

Means take care that your forum or website does not contain how to hack scripts and examples,
malicious software links for download and so on.

So… normally discussing in a forum about cybersecurity is fine,
but use the forum as a base to promote non-ethical behavior is wrong.


will i get suspended if any member add how to hack topic and i delete it


It really depends on how fast you are :slight_smile:

We do not have a staff that 24/7 checks every page or post on some forum or website,
but we have security software that monitors the files and we also take action if a third party reports
abuse of our services.

It is advisable that you, as an administrator, take care of the behavior of your users,
so its good to give your forum users some form of TOS where you explain to them the rules that they must follow.

These rules also serve to keep you out of lawsuits and of course these rules help the quality and health of your website (SEO), because once your domain has been flagged as suspicious it is difficult to regain the trust of users, as well as various search engines and other online services.

It’s nice of you to take the time and asked in advance :slight_smile:
Good luck in further work !


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