Can I run a virtual machine?

Hi there!

This might be a pretty dumb question but can I run a virtual machine on infinity free?

I wouldn’t think so, why would you need to do that?

Nope, it’s physically impossible. And each account has little resources compared to what’s necessary to run one.

If you want to run a virtual machine somewhere, there are two types of services that can do that:

  • A VPS provider that will let you bring your own disk images or boot ISOs. The latter is not that hard, the former is quite rare. But you’ll be limited to the virtualization technology used by the VPS provider. If the VPS provider uses QEMU/KVM, then you can’t run a VirtualBox VM.
  • Buy or rent your own hardware. Only then can you install your own virtualization platform and run your own VMs on it.

Thanks! Just asking.

I made a GitHub repo where you could embed an android device.

Can you please elaborate? What is this repo?

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It’s a little experiment i made that embeds an android device to your website.

The repo is here.

If you want a demo.

From where have you gotten the android.js?


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