Can I Open DB Using MySQL Workbench?

I cannot connect using MySQL Workbench.I’ve tried both:

  1. Put Default Schema (epiz_31909582_db)
  2. Leave empty Default Schema

As for the port I put 3306 as usual.

I tried to ping “” but not success. If I open phpMyAdmin from the cPanel, the URL is:

Then I try to ping and got success. Then in Workbench, I change the Hostname to but still not success

This is the my real DB and password (I’ll change later after I got answer from this post).

MySQL Username epiz_31909582
MySQL Hostname
MySQL Port (optional) 3306
Database Name epiz_31909582_db

I forgot to tell, this is the popup error message:

[Window Title]
MySQL Workbench

[Main Instruction]
Failed to Connect to MySQL at with user epiz_31909582

Unable to connect to localhost


Read this

Take note


Oh! I didn’t know this. Thank you so much!


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