Can I manage the same page through different accounts?

Quisiera saber si puedo gestionar una pagina con otro usuario,es decir darle permisos o acceso a alguna otra cuenta para poder ver los archivos, poder acceder al cpanel y bases de datos o agregar archivos al file manager,


I would like to know if I can manage a page with another user, that is, give permissions or access to some other account to be able to see the files, be able to access the cpanel and databases or add files to the file manager,

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Please speak in English, as this is an English-speaking forum. You can also use a translator.

There is no reason you cannot do this. Just make sure you trust the other person and that they do not upload any harmful content.


If you want, you can just give them the username and password of your hosting account. With those credentials, they can login on (and all services available in in) and connect to FTP.


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