Can i make social network?

Can i make social network using infinityfree?

Hello there,

Yes you can.

But running a social networking site is quite heavy and especially if you use a Social Network script like Elgg, most social network scripts out there are heavy. Running a social networking site also requires a lot of server power and resources because if you want many users to concurrently use your site then your site will likely and faster to use all server resources limit and daily hits limit. Keep in mind also that Social network needs to have a large space to store users information including pictures, videos and posts and our free plan here has a 300019 inodes limit, this limit determines how many files and folders you can upload here, the more files and folders you have the more you will likely to hit the inodes limit.

So overall, Yes you can run and create your social network (like for testing) here but it’s absolutely not recommended for production.


So What Social Network Software Is Lightweight?

I don’t know any sorry about that.

But still even if you will use a lightweight social network script, your social network site will still likely too execute too much stuffs and scripts in the background especially if you will have many users using your site concurrently. You will still likely to hit the daily hits limits, CPU limit, and Entry Process limit.

In general it’s not really an ideal thing nor is it recommended to run and create your own social networking site like Facebook on shared hosting even on premium shared hosting is not ideal as well. VPS and Dedicated Servers or a Colocation Server are ideal environments to run your own social network site like Facebook and Instagram.


You can’t also provide or use chat script or messaging if you wish to have a Social network like facebook and image uploader or image storing.


Maybe a forum?
Social Network is too broad.

We don’t recommend that you make a social network because InfinityFree is not intended to do that so try other hosting like that has more maximum upload size

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