Can I make an ethical hacking forum?

I’ve read the ToS and I saw that InfinityFree does not allow websites related to hacking. I want to make something a bit more different than that, like a cybersecurity/ethical hacking forum to learn how it works, and how to become one (for good.)

I’m worried that if I make one InfinityFree will take down my website, but I don’t mean to make a literal dangerous hacking website. I only want to help out cybersecurity newbies.

No, you are not allowed to do this, hacking is not a hobby or for fun, this is a crime.
And nobody would like to learn hacking for good. It is like you give all of people guns and want them to do good stuff with it.


Learning to hack is not illegal. Hacking is a part of a broad subject of cybersecurity, and it is not illegal to know or learn, otherwise it wouldn’t be taught in the first place. If you want to work as a cybersecurity expert for some company, you’ll probably be taught how to hack.

Hacking illegally or using it for malicious acts is a crime.

Whether or not you can have a forum where you may discuss legal/illegal stuff is completely different. I don’t think you are allowed to have such a forum.


I didn’t mean learning it is illegal (i myself know abit of hacking, am i a rebel?), but using it is crime,
These forums themselves aren’t bad but it’s like you teach someone how to shoot with guns, it’s up to them whatever they use it for sport or killing people. But we prevent second one with banning teaching these here you know.

Doesn’t make hacking, or forums or other resources that teach you how to hack, illegal. There are academies that teach you how to shoot. They are not illegal.

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Yes but it isn’t something this hosting allows.

We don’t allow any kind of hacking sites here. Even if your site is perfectly legitimate and none of the people on it are doing anything illegal, it’s hard for us to reliably distinguish a malicious hacking site and an ethical one.

We choose to err on the side of caution and ban all hacking related content. So the terms are accurate: we don’t allow hacking sites.



dialnumber = 999

So, had you to remind me this.


I said that for sarcasm, please do not post off-topic, i gave u the last warning because you’ve done that multiple times.

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