Can I make a download site?

So, I am aware of the storage thing, I’ll figure it out on my own.
However, am I able to make a site where you can download a particular game’s save files or mods? Or is it against the Terms of Service?

Section 11:

Sites should not contain any backups, downloads, or other non-web based content. We will treat all password protected archive (e.g. zip and rar) files as unacceptable. Multimedia content such as audio and video is acceptable provided it is streamed to the user, links to HTTP download of this content is not acceptable.
Archives of movie files, audio files, zips, rars or any large volumes of files used for downloading / sharing is not allowed.


You can stream your own music and videos but not make them downloadable???
Not even safe files/mods??
Not even ZIPs??
Why, might I ask???


.zips are not allowed as they can contain viruses that cannot be scanned, the system cannot always tell is if something is “safe” or not, so banning downloads it the only solution. Although you can steam from your site, it is not recommended as you site will slow down, and hit limits faster.

And yes, it is genius, although not in a sarcastic way, as it prevents malware from being downloaded.

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I’m going to be the ONLY one who can UPLOAD stuff and MODIFY AND LINK the files. I don’t get it

Just because you won’t put malware on your site doesn’t mean others won’t. It happened in the past, so it was disabled. I’m the only one who can upload and change links on my site. I’m still limited by these restrictions, too.


Not everyone is same like you. As it would be a security concern, it is not allowed. Is that too difficult to understand😅?

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um, use google drive :slight_smile:

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Because we provide website hosting. Which means our hosting space and bandwdith can be used for website files only.

There is a reason why file sharing services either have limited disk space, tons of ads on the download pages and have highly branded interstitial pages. It’s because file hosting is not cheap, and we don’t want you to use our hosting as a free unlimited CDN. Because that’s not a service we provide.


You can’t make an upload site like

I still don’t get. You can stream stuff but not make anything downloadable. If i use Google Drive to even link the entire page so it redirects to google drive or a direct download, how is it not allowed? Maybe not everyone puts free hot russian singles in your area malware in files.

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You have host the files elsewhere and link theme to your website, however you cannot host the files on your website. Why? Because InfinityFree is a website hosting provider, and not a glorified file server.

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Linking to files on external file sharing sites is OK for the most part. If that’s what you wanted in the first place, then I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. A “download site” can mean many different things to different people, and some of those things we allow and others we don’t.

A download site where you alone control what’s being shared, and the files themselves being stored on and downloaded from an external site, that’s all OK.

I do say “for the most part” because we do expect the content to be linking to to be safe, and for you to have the right to (re)distribute the content you’re offering to download. We want no part in distributing malware or pirated content. That’s illegal and we will not condone illegal activities.


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