Can I host ptc script?

Can i host ptc script like evolution script or ptclab ?

If you can afford that software, I think you can afford premium hosting.

Free hosting is not made for scripts like that, it is made for simple stuff, or testing.


Actually I am getting this script from one of my know develop giving me for 5$ and I think premium hosting is not that cheap. So I am just asking whether I can host or not.

The software you want to use is also not cheap.

I’m very sure that your friend just pirated the software and the $5 you pay them is just compensation for their effort. You cannot get software that’s $79 or more for $5 in any legal way. If it’s too good to be true, it often is.

Just because you didn’t download it from the pirated doesn’t mean it’s legal. And we don’t allow pirated software on our hosting, regardless of who pirated it.

Even if you did legally purchase the software, you wouldn’t be able to host it here. We provide website hosting, which means you can only use it for regular website content. A PTC script is not a normal website. PTC script traffic generates a ton of server load, which we cannot provide for free.

Setting up a PTC site takes some investment. You can’t do it with $5 software from a friend a free hosting.


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