Can I Host Link shortner website using adlinkfly script?

Can I Host Link shortner website using adlinkfly script? will my account suspend?

Sorry :pensive:, you can’t host link shortner scripts here, it violates the terms of service. Yes, your account will be suspended if you upload.

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Can, I Use Redirecting Via My Own HTML,CSS Without Any Script

Since when is that not allowed @jaikrishna.t ?

Last I checked, URL-shortners are allowed, but not recommended because you are responsible for all content that is linked (For example, if someone links an illegal website, you will be suspended and banned because you allowed it. Watching new links is not enough, you would have to manually approve them). Also, it looks like adlinkfly is a paid script, so it may not work well on free hosting.


yes, i am not using it now

Yep :grin:

Since you have no knowledge about it, I had asked iFastNet support a few weeks ago:

Hi there,
url shortening websites are not allowed here.
This is because bad actors online / hackers use url shortening services as redirects for bad /illegal websites.

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ok, I will be disabling signup and only I can shorten the links

You are responsible for ur links.thats all.

It depends upon script used.
Coz some scripts still allowing here to shorten links bypassing or escaping from filter system.
IF not allowed but file codes will escape from this.
Most common urlshorten file names and codes only filtered and deleted automatically from system!


Link shortener scripts are a bit of a gray area. I don’t think your account will be suspended right away if you upload it (which does happen with some software that’s actually banned), but if your account gets suspended for something related to the URL shortener, it may not be reactivated again.

The root of the issue is that public URL shorteners are frequently abused by spammers to hide their scam links behind your domain name. We don’t want that to happen. And we’re holding your responsible for the content on your site, so think twice before letting people create short URLs on your site hosted with us.



Just one important thing I need to add to my previous message:

AdLinkFly is not free software. It might be OK to use if you purchased it from the original developer. Pirated software is strictly forbidden on our hosting. And if you downloaded it from a (much cheaper) third party source, or got it for free, it’s almost surely pirated.