Can I Get This Features on Premium Hosting?

hey @Admin i want to know about premium hosting. does the premium hosting includes the following:

i want to upgrade my account to ULTIMATE Premium Hosting(Yearly)
I Want These:

  1. Free SSL For All Domains And Subdomains
  2. can I Get at least 25 mails per Domain?
  3. can I get Rid off ?m=1 at the end of url?
  4. Server Response Speed?
  5. What Is the amount ram and cpu you provide?
  6. Can I Increase My Server speed?
  7. Languages supported By Server(like python ruby perl etc…)

If any 6 are possible then i will upgrade my accountly shortly!

If I Upgrade does all my mysql database and php codes disaapear?

Thanking you!.

Yes all of them


do i really get Free SSL For Life Time On Sub Domains Too?

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Maybe for SSL not sure

The answer of all your question in Premium Hosting is yes


It’s yes to all. Except for maybe:

You can’t increase the server speed yourself, but the servers are faster.


yes they automatically put a ssl certificate without you doing anything

Yes to all of them

I think yes, you are switch to another website so you may have to back up your code
if not then you have no worry about your code disappearing
I will still recommend a backup so if it true, then you get to upload the code back and have your website up as it was in the free version

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