Can i get a professional email address?


i just want to get a professional email address but its disable on the panel because of people who keep spaming with it or doing bad things, but for me i just want it to upload my website to trustpilot and to send email to the new users or support etc… so if i could pls have one.

thank you

InfinityFree doesn’t provide email service anymore, you are no exception. You can Yandex360, ImproveMX or just your Gmail Address.


but i have to pay and for gmail it do not accept free domains

No they all have a free plan! Gmail is the odd one

okay i will go check it.

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and how to set up MX entries? because i have just recordname and destination

You can use the MX Records section from the control panel.


oh yeah didnt see it thx


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thank you

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