Can I fix this without creating a new account?

Website URL (if0_34947824) (if0_35019083)

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I originally had as a free subdomain on this account: if0_34947824

I had as the main (free) domain on this account: if0_35019083

I want to be able to use ImprovMX on the domain. But, since it was not the main domain, it wouldn’t let me create MX records.

So, I decided to move the domain to if0_35019083 instead. First, I deleted

Then I went to if0_34947824 and deleted

I added a new domain to if0_35019083 ( Everything seemed like it worked. I set up SSL certs, installed software from Softaculous, restored my old html files and my database. When I went to I could see my site worked fine. The problem is that the site is installed in instead of just htdocs/. I tried copying the files to htdocs/ but that doesn’t seem to work (site doesn’t load).

When I go to Control Panel > MX Records I see that error (NO DOMAINS ON ACCOUNT).

When you first create an InfinityFree account it defaults to htdocs. But, it seems that any additional domains get added to my.freedomain.tld/htdocs (even if all domains are removed and it’s the only domain on the account).

So, can I fix this without deleting everything (again) and creating another InfinityFree account (forcing it to install to htdocs/ by default)?

Why are no domains recognized under MX Records in Control Panel?

Strange, I do not see this issue on epiz_xxxxxx account


This account – if0_34947824 – has an InfinityFree domain ( attached to it. There is a custom domain parked on to that ( I originally had “” as a subdomain of this account. But, under MX Records it only showed “”. It never displayed the other subdomain in the list. So, I couldn’t add MX Records.

I set up as a test. It was a brand new InfinityFree account set up from default and used the htdocs folder. I was able to configure MX Records for this domain and get it working with Zoho mail. So, the MX Records part was working properly.

Then, I read about ImprovMX from admin earlier today and decided that might be a better way to go. I figured, I’d just remove the old domain (fm.infinityfreeapp) and add the one that I want (fresh.infinityfree) and then I’d be able to go in and edit MX Records. But, now, it’s all screwed up and I’m not sure what to do to fix it. One thing that I know will fix it is to delete my InfinityFree account and then create a new one from scratch. Then, add the domain I want .But, I really would rather not have to do this if possible.

It seems all custom domains are able to set MX records. This is best solution for you.
I believe one MX record per free subdomain per hosting account is to prevent the free subdomains from further abuse


I believe one MX record per free subdomain per hosting account is to prevent the free subdomains from further abuse

I understand this. And, it makes sense. But, after I delete the old domain from the account (and I have zero domains) shouldn’t the old MX records be deleted too? Then, when I add a new domain, I should be able to add 1 MX record again. It seems like the MX record creation only applies to the first domain that is created when the account is set up? After that, you have no option to go back in and edit or change or add anything again.

I know that a custom domain would work. Once I get some more money, I’ll probably buy one. (Namecheap loves me because I buy too many domains.). I even have email with my hosting account there so I could just set it up on Namecheap and use their email service. But, I was just trying to figure out how I could do it with InfinityFree and ImprovMX. In a worst-case scenario, I’ll delete my domain again. Delete my InfinityFree account, set up a new IF account, then, add my domain back. This should fix the issue that I’m describing. I just wish there was a simpler way to do it.

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