Can i Disable automatic subdomains?

Disable automatic subdomains

Error Message

i can access any subdomains like
how disable it?

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Hello there?

I’m confused but what do you mean exactly?
Could you provide a more elaborate explanation?

Right now i can access my website with subdomains like or something else and i want to disable this because i see this page

.htaccess not helps

That’s absolutely normal and there’s no way to disable it. Also that means that those subdomains are not registered/not provisioned by the free hosting system with a directory to upload content, basically those subdomains does not exist under your account.

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Do you mean it’s normal for free webhosting or at all?
Because in normal way you do not be able to open some site in this way. or

Yes that’s normal here on Infinity Free’s platform.
It actually depends on your web hosting provider, some providers doesn’t configure any DNS records to any of your subdomains, in which the browser will just display a simple error like “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” commonly known as “This site can’t be reached”.


Ok, i got it, thanks for the help!

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