Can I Delete These Folders?

Hey, everyone.

I just wanted to ask if it is safe to delete these folders? Please see the screenshot. These folders were not there before and they automatically generate when I clicked on the Softaculous App Installer on the cPanel. I don’t use Softaculous App Installer but I was just looking for something. I hope I could delete these without getting any issues with my account.

Thanks for answering.


Leave it as it is…is safer this way


I’m thinking about backup-ing these folders before deleting them. So, in case my account gets crazy, then, I could upload the backup folders. LOL

Although you can delete them (Actually, I’m not sure if it will let you), be prepared for your site to maybe disappear. Take a full backup if are going to attempt it. (Or follow @KangJL‘s advice and leave it alone)

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The .softaculous and .cpanel folders are used to store some state for Softaculous. You may lose your installation data in Softaculous if you delete those folders.

By any installed websites will keep working of course.

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