Can I create website traffic exchange Site on infinityfree

I don’t know that running an Website’s traffic exchange Site is allowed or not on Infinityfree.
I’m planning to make this because it has big scope :sweat_smile:. Can anyone tell me about this.
Thanks in advance!

So long as it doesn’t come under this list then your alright.


What I founded, but I’m confused now.

Can you make me clear

What’s a trafic exchanging site? like you get power of someone’s internet and instead you pay them back?

A site which provides a service for webmasters in exchange for traffic.

It is allowed, but the only problem is that you could hit the limits easily with a lot of traffic.


I would highly recommend against setting up an autosurf site here. It may not be specifically listed under the prohibited site types, but our terms also prohibit anything that’s not “normal website content”, which an autosurf script definitely isn’t.

And autosurf scripts also generate quite a bit of background traffic which is taxing to the servers. And overloading the servers is also not allowed.

TL;DR: don’t do it.


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