Can I Create Website Like Blogger

Hi users, i research for this many months but i did’nt find any source for this. Can i create a blogging website like Blogger or Tumblr. Is there any PHP scripts for this?

use Wordpress


Having basic coding knowledge and trying to develop such websites is like you try to launch DOOM Eternal game on Windows 1. As a starter, you might need to use softwares like wordpress, If you want to program your own blogging system, you must either be good at coding or hire someone to code for you with paying to them.


So with a “website like Blogger”, you mean a service where people can create their own blogging site, not just a site where you can create your own blog, right?

The first thing that comes to mind is WordPress Network. That’s basically the thing that makes work.

But before you go off and try it, please do note that software like that doesn’t tend to work very well on classic web hosting because of the required DNS and web server setup.


@Admin Admin no no no. I know WordPress and many CMS’s but i want want to multi user platform, well people can sign up and create their own blogs with my subdomain. Admin, i need the php script like . Can you share this website’s script on GitHub. I want to learn how to create hosting company because im 15yrsold and high school student, i need earn some money. I hope you can help me because i see you are reply some topics on your forum. If you don’t share the source please teach me how can i do it.

You should learn coding and have experiences with it to start learning through your service. Money or success is not something you can catch easily and for free, want to have a successful company you’ve to have experiences first.
That is something i learned one year ago.


And I gave you a specific example of software which does exactly that.

InfinityFree has become successful for a large part due to the superior UX that the client area provides. We’re not just going to give it away for free and let anyone create a carbon copy of our service with nothing to show for it.

I love open source too. All of this is built on a lot of open source software, and some parts of the client area have also been open sourced (notably the API client for the hosting platform). But giving the crown jewels away just like that is ridiculous.

MyOwnFreeHost is available for free and you offer free hosting with them right away. Alternatively, you can buy a reseller hosting account, buy WHMCS, link the two together and start selling services from there.

You could also build your own client area similar to InfinityFree. A few other people have done so. In the end, it’s just software engineering. Anyone can do it if they’re determined enough.

Just don’t expect someone to give you a “get rich quick with no effort” scheme on a silver platter.

If you just want to earn some money at no commitment, maybe you can check with local businesses if they have any jobs for teenagers?


Ohh. Thank you i will try it! Thanks Sir. But i want to learn if you want to sold it what is the price?

The client area and infinityfree websites are closed source, Admin will not sell it.

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If you’re asking that question, I can tell you you can’t afford to buy the client area right now. Given the offers I’ve received in the past with questions like that, I can tell you’re off by quite a few zeroes.

You’re far from the first to ask questions like this, and probably won’t be the last. I do recognize that. So I’m not going to say the software will never be made available to other resellers. But that’s just the question if it will be available, let alone what will be made available, in what way and when that will happen. By then, an appropriate business model and cost structure with be attached to the service.


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