Can I create multiple accounts with different email

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I am using infinity free for long time some of my site getting good service, but from past days I just create another infinity free account with different email. but now all domain get banned suddenly, I didn’t do anything wrong ( follow even every point in privacy policy) but still get account banned. Does that mean I can’t create multiple infinity free account in my Same device. Because I want to build lot of projects. I also not hitting daily limits. But still get banned.

You have violated TOS. Good luck!


If you want to make more than 3 sites, no. If your accounts are suspended, try sending an appeal and that might help you out.

You are only allowed to have three accounts per PERSON. Signing up multiple times with different email addresses to create more accounts is not allowed. If you need more than three websites, please consider putting multiple websites on a single account. And if you really need more accounts, you will need to pay for the hosting.

Please understand that even though you get the hosting for free, our hosting isn’t free. Even free hosting needs servers, power, networking and staff, and all of those things costs a lot of money. We still provide the service for free, but there are limits to how much we can give you for free.

If you need a large number of sites, please consider getting a reseller hosting account instead. iFastNet offers reseller hosting starting at only $14.99 per month, on which you could setup dozens of accounts. That’s a really cost effective way to host many websites.


Ok buddy I understand, I promise that in future if I get job i really invest my money in infinity free hosting first.

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