Can I copy mysql and uploads files out during account suspension?

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

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Your account was suspended because you hit the MySQL Usage Limits.

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I just added hubspot plugin and a few hours later I got website suspended. Can I copy files and db out during the suspension?


No. You cannot move anything to or from your account while suspended. This prevents people from copying all the info to a new account. You will be able to access your databases and files once the suspension ends.

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Thanks. That make sense.

If the suspension is caused by some bug in website code, e.g. plugin, how can I reach support to stop it? Currently if I click create new ticket I am redirected to the initial page.

The support ticket system is only available for certain type of suspensions where we want to have a staff member review the account first. Your account was suspended for a daily limit, which means it will be reactivated automatically so you don’t get the ability to submit a ticket.

Locking down the files and databases isn’t that relevant for these kinds of suspensions, but for other types of suspensions, we don’t want people to download the malicious software from their suspended account and upload that same dangerous code to another account. The platform just doesn’t really distinguish these different kinds of suspensions.

We also aren’t going to make changes to your site in most cases. You can make those changes yourself once the account is reactivated.

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Thanks. Infinity’s support is wonderful regarding free services on the internet.

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